Monday, June 9, 2014

Voortman Vanilla Wafers

We have always loved the vanilla sugar wafers that Little Debbie used to put out but they have been discontinued for a while now and we have searched and searched for a similar replacement for them but until now no others really came close to the taste we loved and enjoyed from the Little Debbie Brand.

We had never tried this brand of cookies before so on a whim while shopping at Wal-mart last night we decided to pick up a package and was pleasantly surprised how close they came to the texture and flavor of the Little Debbie ones that we liked! We grabbed a cup of milk and sat there and had eaten the entire package like little piggies before we knew it!

I know they have other flavors and even offer a sugar free package but we are partial to the vanilla ones. We will totally be purchasing many more packages of these! I actually hope the hubs brings some more home after work! LOL

1 comment:

  1. Yeah those go like hot cakes around here. I can't keep them in stock between the hubby and wee ones. I know they make other flavors but you just can't beat the VANILLA. yummy.