Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Trent Car Charger and Stylus

Holy Smokes I had the chance to review two very awesome products from New Trent and I am in love with them both!

I'll start with the cool car charger. It's a dual USB port high speed car charger and it will charge up your phone and tablet or even two phones at once. I travel a good bit with my hubby so this came in very handy because I was able to charge my phone and Kindle at the same time and not miss a beat hardly! We have used other car chargers before but weren't all that impressed with them. This is a must have if your a busy person or somebody that stays on the road alot. Highly recommend giving this charger a try. I doubt you'll ever want another!

Next up is one of the coolest inventions ever! Again I have tried some different versions but really like the micro fiber tip this one has as it doesn't appear to smear across my phone as some has before. The next reason I am in awe of this particular stylus is it serves a double duty! One end is a stylus and the other end is a smooth writing ink pen! How doggone cool is that! My only qualm on the stylus is what happens when your ink runs out as I see no way to refill it. But for the price it would be worth purchasing a spare so no complaints here.

You can purchase both the Car Charger - NT85T and Stylus - NT62B from Amazon

Be sure to check out more New Trent products on their website HERE


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