Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mail Rant

I don't know where this actually happened at but I was so upset when I got it! It looks like somebody got hungry and chewed it up! There was supposed to have been a sample product for me to review inside but alas all I got was this ripped envelope and a postcard saying thanks for posting a review once you've had time to try our product. Well doesn't look like that will be happening sadly as I have nothing to sample. GRRRRRR

I contacted the company and hopefully they can resend but still irks me when you be so excited to try something new and you get chewed up mail! I don't know which would be worse...getting a chewed package like I got or not getting anything at all and having to wonder where it's at?

Has this ever happened to any of you? I know things are beyond the powers that be sometimes but still a bit dissapointed. :( Oh well no use crying over the spilled milk eh? LOL


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