Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday (1)

This meme is strictly a Something vs. Something type of thing. The purpose is for it to be short, interactive, and something fun to do halfway through the week and is being sponsored by Epilogue Review .

This Weeks Topic is E-book Vs. Print Book 

 I am kinda in the "middle ground" on this one. I used to not would even consider an e-book but have found that some books I do actually prefer reading it using my "Kindle App" because I don't have an actual Kindle yet but hopefully soon (fingers crossed). Since I don't have an actual devise I am stuck reading e-books on my computer so I have to be at it and not able to take the book anywhere. That's when I prefer the paperback because I can toss those in my bag and just go wherever and always be able to read.

Usually , but NOT always the e-book version is cheaper as well so that's a good point for me and sometimes it is even released way before the print version which is cool to if you have been sitting on go waiting for a certain title. But really is there anything like the smell of a new book? The crisp clean pages, the shiny hot covers, the cool and cutesy bookmarks we can use. Not to mention I love being able to walk up and touch my books on my shelf. Ok so maybe I am weird but that's just how I roll. But see what I mean by being on middle ground regarding this? Obviously they both have good points and bad points so.....what's your take on this? Linky me below and I'll come visit and see how you feel!


  1. I completely understand how you can be stuck in the middle on this one... they both have advantages, However, I prefer the physical book better myself. Price notwithstanding they are more enjoyable for me! :)

  2. I have been on both sides of this topic. I used to be 100% paper books only and my reasoning was: you can shop local and support your local bookstore instead of buying into the mass chains like amazon or barnes and noble, you can keep them forever rather than risk losing them if your computer crashes, the print industry is in jeopardy as it is and I dont want to contribute to that, and I liked the feeling of having a physical copy.
    Buuut, then my friend convinced me to give hers a shot and my world was flipped upside down! She had lots of great books that she got for free or just for a couple dollars that when I bought were 10-12 dollar books, it was light and easy to take with you, I saved so much space on my bookshelves (that were overflowing), and my favorite perk: you didn’t have to go to the store to get books. I could sit in my house and click a button and voila! a book appears!
    So, my boyfriend got me a nookcolor for christmas and I really love it but I always compare prices and buy the cheaper option and if it’s a book that I know I would be devastated to lose I buy it in physical form.

    Great topic! :D

    Darlene @ Leather Bound and Lovely

  3. You have made some interesting points Darlene! I feel like once I get my Kindle I will totally be buying more e-books but still I am NOT going to give up buying hard copies. Thank you for your comments!

  4. The price point is SO valid. There are some books that I really want to read, but my library won't pick them up. I don't want to pay for a hard copy, but I'm okay with a $.99 pricetag. I'm glad that so many go on sale for that!

    great answer!

  5. http://shaynagier.com/weigh-in-wednesday-2.html/ There's the link to my WIW. I am in the middle, but I do have a prefrence. A lot of what you mentioned is covered, but I was able to decide one way or the other. Price is a biggie for me.

  6. Omg, you like to just go and touch your books! I feel less alone! =D Sometimes I like to just sit in front of my bookshelf and look at my books! Obviously this isn't possible with ebooks unless you wanna spend your time flicking through the pages (which I don't).

    And sometimes for me physical copies are still cheaper! I have to pay additional international tax on Amazon and the US publishers often release books in hardback first while UK publishers go straight to paperback, in which case I'll take the UK paperback version.

  7. I too am in the middle.
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    My WIW http://redheaded-bookworm.blogspot.com/2012/05/weigh-in-wednesday-2.html

  8. I'm following you back!! I'm with you... there's benefits to books of all kinds and cheaper means more, so even better!! I have the Kindle app on my computer, too. So nice of them to share that for free!