Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gimme's Blogger Love Shout Outs

Well most of you already know I am celebrating my birthday on my blog all month long and instead of receiving gifts I have chosen to give back to my wonderful followers but also I want to give some recognition to some awesome bloggers I have ran across in my short time in the blogging community. They have graciously taken a moment and answered a few interview questions for me and so without further adieu let me introduce

Erica @ The Book Cellar

Erica is one of the brightest, nicest, and help fullest persons I have met while blogging. She is always quick to answer email cries for help and if she can't help you she kindly gets you pointed in the right direction. She raises adorable bunnies and has started a fun fact site for them called A Scoop of Life: Bunny Basics. So be sure to go check her blog and bunny sites out!

Interview Questions:

1--Will you share a photo of at least one of the following...your bookcase, your desk, your favorite reading spot.

2--In Twitter Style tell us about yourself.

A college student pursuing a dual degree in English & English Education who loves to read and is obsessed with anything related to Disney.

3--Share one of the biggest blogging myths you have discovered since you started blogging. (For example...its easy, not time consuming, ect...)

It's not time consuming - That's something I think a lot of people think starting blogging. I spent probably 40+ hours a week between all my reading / time spent writing posts.

4--One of my favorite books so far this year has been Starters by Lissa Price. If you decided to rent your body out what is the biggest fear you would have of what the renter would use your body for?

Swimming in the ocean - I don't want to be eaten by a shark, ha!

5--Do you have a special system for shelfing your books? Please share. (For you shelf them by author, alphabetically, by color, ect..)

I have four shelves and the rest of my books are in bins. I have one spine shelf of random genres organized by spine color in a rainbow. Then I have one shelf of entirely fantasy. Another of contemporary, with my sci-fi, dystopian, and historical fiction on top. My other shelf is half review books and have paranormals. I have one "favorites" shelf for each genres, then the others are just put on the shelves, not really in an order.

6--Choose an answer.

Mexican or Chinese? Mexican
Book or Movie? BOOK (Obviously)
Flowers or Candy? Candy
Car or Pick-up? Car
Pink or Purple? Can I go with a slight magenta?
Fantasy or Horror? FANTASY
Hot Weather or Cold? Hot weather

7--You have been placed in charge of my birthday cake. What kind of cake will I be having? (Feel free to share recipe)

Icecream cake, because it is clearly the best kind.

8--So it's my birthday and you want to give me a book as a gift. What book would you give me and why?

Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken - because it rocks.

9--Any advice or inspiration for newbie bloggers?

It's YOUR blog so do what you want. I see so many people who are like I don't know if I should do this or I want to do that, and every time I want to tell them, go for it! :) I started out a bit more reserved, not exactly sure what I could do. My blog was "YA" so I wasn't reviewing a lot of my adult books I like to read. So as of this year, it's taken me over three years, I've finally decided to just go for it and I'm going to review everything I like, mainly YA, but also some adult fantasy, paranormal, and romance.


  1. Oh god, I also hate the 'time-consuming' myth. Seriously, it eats up your life.

  2. Erica is AWESOME. Great interview!!