Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review - Simply Grilling by Jennifer Chandler

Simply Grilling by Jennifer Chandler
Released: April 17, 2012
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 256pages
Format: Hardback
Source: Publisher
Rating: 5/5
Author Site: Jennifer Chandler

Oh my Gosh do not even get me started on how I feel about this cookbook! This has quickly became one of the most used cookbooks in our home for the simple reason is it's typically geared towards mainly "grilling" menu's and such. We are a family that loves to grill but we were kinda limited to things like steak, hamburgers, hot get the picture?

Simply Grilling showed us how simple it was to do vegetables and seafood on the grill and it just opened up our eyes to so many more possiblilities than what we had been doing. We increased our grill usuage threefold and you can do alot of these recipes on your indoor grill as well with minor changes and that is great when it's too hot out or rainy to be doing outdoor grilling.

One other major thing I enjoy about Simply Grilling other than the wide assortment of food is each recipe has it's own page with photo along with cooking tips, suggested sides, and other neat info and not just a wad of pictureless recipes on a page.

I always knew you "could" do lots more with your grill but was always afraid to try it because it seemed to much trouble or time consuming and having this cookbook on my shelf gave me the encouragement I needed to try these new things.


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