Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday (5)

This meme is strictly a Something vs. Something type of thing. The purpose is for it to be short, interactive, and something fun to do halfway through the week and is being sponsored by Epilogue Review .

This Weeks Topic is Poetry vs. Prose 

I have never really read a story in poetry but have heard heard they are great. Maybe one day I will try it. Just never really been that big a fan of poetry to be honest. I like the short poems that rhyme if that's any indication how little I know about it! I do think Haiku's are fun though. Prose I think is better suited to what I would like to read. I actually have to admit defeat and totally had to look up the difference in the two because I honestly didn't understand what the difference was and according to the page I found HERE, it says that prose is more laid back in structure than poetry therefore making poetry more difficult to write because it is more an art form which thinking of the two in those terms I can see it now and still I conclude that I find prose more appealing to myself.

So what's your preference?


  1. Same here...I don't quite like poetry. I know that poetry is more difficult to write, and the result is quite beautiful, but still..I often got trouble to understand it. :)

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  2. I totally understand what you're saying, but since you haven't tried one, I'd urge you to try a verse novel by someone like Sonya Sones, Ellen Hopkins or Lisa Schroeder. They're actually quite easy to read and have a plot and characters like a regular novel--they're just written in lines of verse rather than sentences!