Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Birthday Tweet Giveaway

This is an International Giveaway!!!

It's All About The Tweets

I must confess I am relatively new to Twitter. I have basically only used it for entering contests and giveaways until here lately. I see how much fun folks are having and I wanna have fun to! But unless some of my close buddies are on I feel so invisable even on something as huge as Twitter so either I still ain't "getting it" or I am the dullest person in the whole wide world! (sniffles)

Here is where you come in my wonderful followers! This giveaway is for the most part about Twitter. I realize some folks don't use it and that's fine but you will still be able to do most of the Rafflecopter Items anyhow.

4 Winners will recieve an awesome swag pack filled with the following items. My photo does not do the items justice! Thank you so much to all the contributing authors who made this giveaway possible (Ashland Menshouse, William Joyce, Anna Banks, Tracy Bilen, Wendy Higgins, J Meyers, Jen Nadol, and Tera Lynn Childs)

Intangible tattoo
Sweet Venom Sticker
Mini Weapons 2 Business Card
Sweet Evil Bookmark (Signed)
Sweet Venom Bookmark
The Mark/The Vison Bookmark (Signed)
The Man in the Moon Stickers
What She Left Behind Bookmark (Signed)
Intangible Bookmark (Signed)
Of Poseidon Bookmark (Signed)
The Last Seer Post Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. name: Sharmaine

    DRAWING, READINg and reading.. intruments and book hunting :DD

    twitter= @samaine18
    email= samaine(underscore)18(at)yahoo(dot)com

  2. I'm pretty addicted to Twitter so I don't really dislike anything. :)

  3. Um... besides books books book... I love writing, music, history (especially ancient Egypt) and movies. :)

  4. I love Twitter! I just got one a couple months ago and so I haven't found anything that I really don't like about it yet :)

  5. What I love most about Twitter is that it makes it easy to find people with the same interests as me. And the only thing I dislike about Twitter is the spams I get in my mentions and the only way for me to delete them is to block the person/s who tweeted them.

    - Noely Jeleen

  6. I love Twitter! It allows me to connect to other book lovers and fangirls. And there's nothing more fun than looking for a way to shorten my rambling into 140 words. What I don't like about Twitter is the unfollow bug. It keeps unfollowing people! Ugh. Thanks so much for the giveaway! :D

  7. I always love twitter because I get a lot of information there.. what I dislike is.. it's make me addict with that.. hahha.. =))

    beside reading.. I love writting.. watched movies and Music.. xD

    Thank's for this giveaway... ^^

  8. Besides reading and blogging, I like travelling, tweeting, stand up comedy, and.. well.. getting together with friends. I'm not an outgoing person so if you say let's have a quiet night in with some pizza and a good film, I'm in. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! xxx