Friday, May 18, 2012

Gimme's Blogger Love Shout Outs - Loretta

I have Loretta on the blog today who answered a few quick interview questions for me. She has a beautiful blog called Between The Pages so hop over and check her out. I can't even remember how exactly I found her blog but I think I was watching somebody else's vlog and hers was one that showed up on the end that you can click on? But anyhow I watched just one of her vlogs and I don't think I have missed one since. She is so funny but at the same time will let you know quickly if she don't like something especially a character in a book! LOL Thank you Loretta!

Between the Pages

1--Will you share a photo of at least one of the following...your bookcase, your desk, your favorite reading spot.

2--In Twitter Style tell us about yourself.
Reading is my thing! I am Zombie Crazy! I love coffee & shoes! Mom of 2. Wife of 1 who dreams of Harlin on a regular!#TeamZombie #ShoeFreak

3--Share one of the biggest blogging myths you have discovered since you started blogging. (For example...its easy, not time consuming, ect...)
It’s not that complicated!!
Well, yes! Yes it is. It is very complicated at times. You really have to end up scheduling your life around blogging. Scheduling is the key for me. I schedule my books to read. Blog posts. Everything dealing with my blog is scheduled. Last min things, really make me nervous. I need time to plan, and post. *Scheduling*

4--One of my favorite books so far this year has been Starters by Lissa Price. If you decided to rent your body out what is the biggest fear you would have of what the renter would use your body for?
Sex, or drugs. I mean.. I wouldn’t want others doing that in my body. Gives me the willies just thinking about it..

5--Do you have a special system for shelfing your books? Please share. (For you shelf them by author, alphabetically, by color, ect..)
I do.
I shelf my books, by Author, in ABC order. Makes for finding books easier.

6--Choose an answer.
Mexican or Chinese? Mexican
Book or Movie? BOOK
Flowers or Candy? Flowers
Car or Pick-up? Car
Pink or Purple? PINK
Fantasy or Horror? HORROR
Hot Weather or Cold? HOT HOT HOT

7--You have been placed in charge of my birthday cake. What kind of cake will I be having? (Feel free to share recipe)
Cake. I am not a fan of cake. So, I would say if I had to choose cake. Red Velvet. I like that one the best. I hope you do too!! =) *Happy Birthday* *Throws Confetti*

8--So it's my birthday and you want to give me a book as a gift. What book would you give me and why?
I would have to pick a book that I have read recently.
Wanderlove by Kristen Hubbard
This book was just SO amazing, I want everyone to read it. I feel this book would make anyone happy. It’s just... Beautiful.

9--Any advice or inspiration for newbie bloggers?
Try to be as honest as you can in your reviews, without bashing the author. Keep in mind that your review is seen ALL AROUND the world. Respect the author, and your self.
Stay out of Blogger Drama. Yes, it exists. Which I think is sad. If you see it, remove your self. Let them be the only ones to make themselves look bad.
Enjoy what you do, everyday. Never feel bad if you get to busy in life. We all do. Just enjoy reading & spreading the word of amazing books. It can get complicated, and you may become overwhelmed. That is when you take a break, and come back at it with a clear mind.
Scheduling, it is a life saver at times.