Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review - HYM and HUR by Phillip Frey

HYM and HUR by Phillip Frey
Age Group: Adult
Pages: 38 pages
Format: Kindle
Source: Author
Rating: 4/5
Author Site: Phillip Frey
Info Credits: Author/Amazon
First off I love the play on the title (Hym and Hur = Him and Her). I thought that was brilliant! This a very quick read under 50 pages but it is fun, comical, and lets you know there is no tricking Death! Hym and Hur are young and will never age so to entertain themself they like to play pranks on humans but they have to get the pranks approved by Death first who has been known to add his own spin to the prank!

Hym and Hur remind me of two kids wreaking havoc on unsuspecting victims but they never really mean to cause harm so it's kinda like they are not really all that "bad" but then again they aren't 100% "good". But then toss in a bigger bully and your open to mayhem where things can and usually do spiral out of control. This is one of those kinds of stories. An interlude and brief break from the norm that you can enjoy reading without having to think it to death so much.

Biography of Phillip Frey:
Phillip Frey grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where he performed as a child actor at The Cleveland Playhouse. The day after he graduated high school he moved to Los Angeles and performed in local theater. He then moved to New York, where he performed with The New York Shakespeare Festival, followed by The Repertory Theatre of Lincoln Center. With a change of interest Phillip wrote, directed, and edited 3 short films, all of which had international showings, including The New York Film Festival. With yet another change of interest he returned to Los Angeles to become a produced screenwriter. And now more recently, "DANGEROUS TIMES" and "HYM and HUR" are Phillip Frey's first two works of fiction.


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