Saturday, November 9, 2019

Review - My Calorie Counter by Maureen Namkoong

Synopsis: From Everyday Health, the #1 online health destination, comes this updated and revised pocket guide to nutrition and weight loss. Now more reader-friendly than ever before, the book is divided into three categories - regular foods, store brands, and restaurant/fast foods - each with thousands of entries. Every entry lists calorie count, fat content, and nutritional values, including carbohydrates, sodium, fiber, and protein. And all this is presented in an updated and easy-to-navigate format.
See where you are on the BMI (Body Mass Index) scale and how many calories you should take in to shed the pounds safely. Success stories from the Everyday Health community will motivate you to meet your goals. As a companion to Everyday Health's popular site,, the book links directly with this popular online community, where you can create your own free account, track your progress, find a weight-loss buddy, and much more!
My Thoughts:  I have been trying to cut back by doing portion control and this little book has helped me so so much. It is divided into several sections to provide you the information you need like calories for specific foods even a section for eating out and lists many favorite restaurants and gives detailed data on each item they serve. Matter of fact I have all but quit eating out at all after seeing the amount of calories in most of that food! 

If you're dieting or just trying to cut back or control your calorie intake then I highly recommend picking up a copy of this. I have given mine a good workout and only had it a month or so!

I purchased my copy from Book Outlet but am certain you can find it on Amazon or other places books are sold.


  1. They still PRINT those things? We used to buy new pocket-size calorie counter books all the time, but now we can find all the data online, especially at the FDA website which has just about every edible item in the world and its calorie count! And updated product info for fast foods and packaged or frozen foods.

    best... mae at

  2. Yes, I used them in the past and they are helpful. They work if you decide to use them.

  3. Sounds very handy for people who want to track their food etc.

  4. Yes, indeed. However, I'm one of those persons who remain uninterested in the calorie content of my food. What I want to know is; was it grown or raised organically, without added chemicals? Does it taste good? Is it processed, with too many questionable added ingredients?

  5. i am lucky. i have never dieted to lose weight, but i have dieted with my husband to eat healthier.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  6. It sounds like a helpful book, especially if you;re trying to eat healthier.

  7. I think these kind of books are eyeopeners. Just because a food is full of nutrients doesn't mean you can eat a ton of it (nuts, for example). I think anything tool that helps us become healthier is a good one.