Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Freeman Beauty #BAREFOOTbliss

I received a voucher for a free product from the Freeman's BareFoot Bliss Spa Line and I have been using the Moisturizer and wow I am totally LOVING it! I have extremely bad chapped feet to the point they were splitting and all red and nasty looking and who wants that especially in the summer time when you want to go barefoot and fancy free?

I could tell a HUGE difference the first time I used it. My feet seemed to transform right before my eyes and after a few days use the chapped cracked parts had completely disappeared leaving only a trace of the scaly skin and redness. I like to put it on right before bedtime so my feet can chill out while I sleep and in the morning they feel so soft and smooth. I am so excited for this product because it worked where so many other creams and lotions didn't. Most would just go on greasy and appear to sit on top of the problem skin but BareFoot Moisturizer goes right in and leaves hardly a trace behind.

And oh my gosh it smells so so good! Makes me think I'm at the beach every time I use it!


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