Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cottonelle Clean Crew

I was so thrilled to get chosen to participate in the Cottonelle Clean Crew sampling project from CrowdTap. My sampling package included a Cottonelle 4 Pack, Flushable Cleansing Cloths and the Dispenser, and coupons.

Cottonelle has become one of my absolute favorite tissues because they are so soft and the rolls seem much bigger than your usual regular tissue paper rolls but also absorbent enough not to rip to shreads when you wipe and fall apart in your hands which is a big yuck factor! I also very much enjoyed the cleansing wipes because they make you feel more fresh especially if you've been playing sports or exercising and gotten kinda sweaty in the lower regions. Also excellant for those beach trips and sandy unwears!

I have pretty much always been a "dry" wiper myself but after participating in this sampling project I don't know how I ever went without my cleansing cloths! It's like a no brainer now! Dry Wipe then yank out a cleansing wipe and wash away anything that may be left behind including those pesky pieces of tissue paper.

I have my cleansing cloth dispenser placed conveniently on a shelf across from the toilet so we can easily grab a wipe and keep our bums all fresh and shiny!


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