Tuesday, July 15, 2014

700 Premium Dog Pet Waste Poop Bags

Size 9" x 14" ( 2" Extra Longer )
13 Micron Thickness, Unscented, Coreless
Free Leash Bone Dispenser
700 Bags ( 20 bags per roll, 35 rolls )
No Leak

Walk your doggie with no worries now! Just clip on your pampered poochie's doggie bag dispenser and enjoy a fun time with your pet!

These poop bags were extra great. They are thick and strong enough to "get the job done" and I like the extended size. I really loved being able to get these in bulk so I can have them on hand when I need them and readily available and the adorable dog bone baggie dispenser is just too cute! It has a clip on it so you can attach it easily to your keys or belt loop!

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  1. Favorite Pet Poop Bags from Bizarkdeal

    These doggie bags are really good quality. They do not have to be used for just doggie bags, they can be used for diapers, and cat scoop-able litter as well.

    The box they come in is really cute with the dog on it. The bags come come neatly rolled up in the box. This makes it easy to just take a roll out when ever you need to.

    They seem to be thinner which is nice because they are a lot lighter to carry. And being thin doesn't make them lose their ability to hold up. The bags can stand up to holding the contents inside.

    The rolls are really handy to throw in your purse, or in your pocket.