Friday, February 15, 2013

Review - Montana Morning by Sharon Flesch

Nestled in a remote Montana mountain valley, this has always been a peaceful place. Jack, his dad, Will, and Andy have always kept it simple - hard work and a feeling of contentment at the end of the day. They like it that way.

When Jack finds his long lost daughter, his life seems complete until tragedy strikes leaving him to raise an injured grandson he has never met. The men are definately going to need help.

Jack thinks he's found just what the doctor ordered. What he doesn't realize is the 'sweet little lady' is going to turn their lives upside down and inside out. Determined to turn the old ranch house into a home and this bunch of contankerous men into a family, Adrianna Banks, armed with her faith in God and a quiet sense of humor, sets out to just that.

One of the most touching stories I believe I have ever read! Very rare can I say I love all the characters in a story but this is it! In their own ways I enjoyed spending time with one and all and actually kept putting the book down on purpose just so it would last longer as I hated for it to end. I began to almost feel like a part of the family and now that it's over I seriously feel an emptiness inside.

The synopsis doesn't begin to do this story justice and is a bit misleading in my opinion because for one Jack only gets to meet his daughter for a few seconds as she lay in his arms dying and although Addy is a strong woman in her faith the book is not one of those overly religious stories that tries to ram it down your throat. Addy made me giggle all thru-out the book as she whips all these males into shape and forges a family out of the bunch of them on a modern day ranch so remote that they still don't even have telephones or alot of electricity. (they do use cell phones and such) It's hard to imagine living like that cooking on wood stoves and all but I bet I could get used to it! LOL


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