Friday, February 8, 2013

Review - Kersten Kelly - Paper Airplane

In this tumultuous, distinctive memoir, Kersten L. Kelly looks back on the most influential individuals that she encountered while flying through the clouds. Confined in a small vestibule for hours, Kelly identified an opportunity for learning and growth by chatting with the fellow passengers around her.

A unique book where the author takes her own experiences and talks with fellow passengers traveling and presents them in a story. Each story offers it's own little life's lesson if you ponder it enough. I'm sort of shyish in public so I could never insert myself into conversations the way the author was able to but I found myself in awe of her being able to do so and it made me think of how much I may have missed out on by not striking up a conversation with the lady sitting next to me in the park or that old man who walks his dog down our lane everyday. It just really makes one see that every single person has a story to tell.

The thing I liked most about Paper Airplane was each individual story was made into it's own chapter which not only made it easier for me to read and understand but it didn't deter if one didn't like a particular story from the rest of the book because none were really related. The only thing I didn't really like were the stories with lots of statistical information applied. That just took away from the story in my opinion giving it more of a textbook feel than a story.

Kersten L. Kelly is a self-published author of narrative nonfiction and semi-fiction
books. She grew up in Munster, Indiana and currently works in a sales role based out
of Chicago, Illinois. She started writing at an early age and graduated from Indiana
University with a dual bachelor’s degree in economics and communication and culture.
She then went on to earn a master’s in business administration from the Kelley School
of Business at Indiana University. She has a passion for learning, teaching, and writing.
In her spare time, she enjoys international travel with her friends and family and training for running events of various distances. She likes the outdoors, social media, pop culture, and any new technologies that draw the people of the world a little bit closer together.

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