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Guest Post/Giveaway - Wings of Shadow by Anna Kyss

In the struggle for survival...

Meghan's graduation gift is one that any eighteen-year-old would dream of: traveling abroad to England. Her journey turns into more adventure than expected when Meghan meets the mysterious Kiernan and is introduced to a strange society hidden beneath the streets of London.

The fittest win out at the expense of their rivals...

When Meghan's life is threatened, she flees the city and seeks sanctuary in a distant village--a place unseen by human eyes for over one hundred years. Not knowing if anyone can be trusted, Meghan tries to determine who is friend, who is foe... and who has captured her heart. Meanwhile, a battle for survival brews all around her.

What are your thoughts on tradition? by Anna Kyss

Two months new to the published world, I am still rather shy about blogging. I asked my favorite villain, Lord Killian, if he would feel comfortable tackling this post. The question presented to him was:
What are your thoughts on tradition?

Tradition… perdition! Did those blasted village Fae send this question my way? The problem with tradition is that people become so focused on recreating old rituals and practices, they never look to the new. I pity those who remain within Solas, for they are on the road to extinction. In the last hundred years, only one set of twins has been born. Not a single birthing has occurred in the last twenty years. All the while, the Fae grow more and more ill, poisoned by the inescapable pollution of our modern world. The sad truth is—we are a dying species.

You call me a villain, but I view myself as a visionary. I was brave enough to break through the binds of tradition, for our archaic ceremonies did nothing but hold us back. Does a true leader watch their people—their entire species—perish? Absolutely not! It is time to break the habits of old. Why sit and pray to Anya when she has done nothing to help us?

The very first time I met Charles, I knew he was a fellow man of science, interested in moving the world forward, rather than holding people back with beliefs that accomplished nothing. Do you know he was also ridiculed for his work? The good people of England ostracized Mr. Darwin, not wanting to be tarnished by association.

Similarly, the “Fae of Light,” as they call themselves, separate themselves from me. But mark my word, the day will come when they thank me for having had the foresight to save our people. Yes, some humans must die in the process, but will they really be missed? After all, humans breed like the rabbits I remember from the English countryside. There are millions of them, perhaps even billions by now. I lose track with each new decade.
Please raise a cup and join me in a toast. Trust me, it is a delicious vintage:
In the struggle for survival,
The fittest win out at the expense of their rivals,
Because they succeed in adapting themselves to their environment.

Author’s note: While Lord Killian freely flings these ideas around, I would like to give acknowledgement and thanks to Charles Darwin for his… um… toast, and inspiring theories.

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