Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review/Giveaway - 15 Shades of Pink by Lisa Scott

15 Shades Of Pink by Lisa Scott
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Age Group: Adult
Pages: 563 pages pages
Format: Kindle
Source: Author/Orangeberry Tours
Rating: 4/5
Author Site: Lisa Scott
15 Shades Of Pink includes all the stories from: Flirts!, Beach Flirts!, and Fairy Tale Flirts! (That’s five stories in each volume. Each short is 8,000-13,000 words long.) But fair warning: the only cheeks that turn pink in these stories are the ones above the shoulders.
This is not my usual reading genre but occasionally I like to take a step on the wild side and read outside my comfort zone. I was pleasantly surprised to have thoroughly enjoyed reading this set of 15 short fluffy tales of romance flirts!

I am not even a fan of short stories but Lisa's writing just flows off the pages and weaves a nice and funny story for each that I felt fulfilled with all of them and found it hard to choose any one as a favorite. I think maybe it was because I could find a tiny bit of myself in most of them and found them easy to relate to but if I absolutely had to choose just one I think it would be "The Hot Girl's Friend" because that was almost a play by play of a page out of my history book!

Kudos to Lisa Scott! You have a new fan!

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Genre - Romance (PG13)
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