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Review/Guest Post - Night School by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

Night School:Vampire Hunter Bk.1(Angel) by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan
Released: March 18, 2012
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 56 pages
Format: Kindle
Source: Author
Rating: 4/5
Fifteen year old Dasheen Bellamy’s world is turned upside down, when she is accused of killing her father and godmother. Dasheen cannot remember the events of the night her world turns upside down, but she feels inside that she is innocent; due to lack of evidence against her and with no other family; Dasheen and her younger brother Jordan, are sent to the elusive and mysterious Ame’ Academy ; a residential school where all is not what it appears.

Kudos and my hats off to you Michelle! You have packed alot of punch and excitement into just a mere 56 pages and I could not stop reading for a minute! I am very excited to continue on with this series! The little girl that haunts Dash/Angel has me intrigued and I only wish I could have learned more about her as well as Rafael. I can't wait to find out what happened to Dash's parents and how she comes to have special powers.

I really enjoyed the technique that was used by writing the story in blog/journal type entries. It made the skipping around in the story more easier for me to follow along with and seemed to keep me wondering what was going to happen next.

I sort of figured out ahead one part that happened but I wont mention it because it's a spoiler but I am interested to see how that plays out because it's a really bad place for a couple of the characters to be in and how they will handle it.

********Guest post********

Character Interview: Dasheen Bellamy (Angel) Night School: Vampire Hunter.

Interview by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

I have conducted interviews and now it’s my turn in the hot seat! I am to be interviewed now, that my book Night School: Vampire Hunter is on tour… I will say I am nervous by all of this! So to help me out, Angel, from Night School Vampire Hunter says she will show me how it’s done:) So, why don’t we go see what she has to say! Thanks all for joining us:)


Me: Angel, I am so glad that you are joining me and helping me out today:)

Angel: Oh, no problem:)

Me: I wanted to first start with the question, how does it feel to have an entire book written about
you and your experiences? Now that the book’s going on tour, that will be even more eyes on

Angel: It was weird at first, so many people talking about well… I don’t know my life. I mean…
I was just trying to keep myself and my brother alive, (you know…Vamps can be hazardous…);
trying to be a normal kid, when all of a sudden, I have an audience! But its okay, everyone has
been pretty cool, so I’m getting used to it.

Me: I can only imagine…wow...okay, next question…Have you always known that you were
this phenomenal, wicked, Vamp Hunter, and that with your special essence, it’s believed, you
are destined to change the human and supernatural world forever!..(Um, take your time with that

Angel: Okay, wow…you just put that one right out there huh? Um, no… I didn’t know that I was
to be the key in some type of apocalyptic, battle with mankind…thought I was just a normal kid
that had luck that sucks…But the perks are awesome!…now that I am trained, I’m getting faster
and stronger and learning more moves…I can even take on Ismet..

Me: For our readers, now who is Ismet again? And also how do you get along with the other

Angel: Ismet is one kick butt Jinn (Genie), she’s not from some bottle that crosses her arms
and blinks on command; She is from an old race of beings that evolved from Fire…they are the
protectors of the Divide…

Me: The Divide?

Angel: Yep, I just learned about all of this too…the Divide is the barrier between the
supernatural world (unseen to us) and ours. Ismet was one of the greatest warriors amongst her

Me: How did she end up at Ame’ Academy? There must have been a great threat to warrant such
a fighter to be here???

Angel: It was. Me.

Me: Oh…okay…well, how about my second question, do you get along with the other girls? I
believe you all have made somewhat of a team, correct?

Angel: We’re a team now, but at first…I wasn’t sure… I’ve always liked Elin (she’s half
Vampire/half Human) the sweetest kid you’ll ever meet, unless you threatened someone she
loves…then wow, she’s scary…and I already told you about Ismet, I have much respect for her
mad skills:)

Me: And?

Angel: (Sigh)…and yep, there’s Belladonna, a stuck up Natural- Born Vamp that I am surprised
I haven’t staked yet!

Me: Is it the fact you’re a Hunter and she’s a Vampire? Even though, the Natural-Born Vamps
pose no threat to Humans?

Angel: No, it’s from the fact she’s a snob, and always trying to give me a makeover!

Me: Lol….well, I’m sure ALL of you make a great team, you are really cleaning up Kincaid
Texas:)…but aren’t you’re leaving out someone….Rafael? What IS your relationship with him?

Angel:O-o-o-kay…didn’t think you would bring HIM up! Well, he’s just RAF…he’s my
friend...He sort of just showed up at Ame, and well that’s when things got really weird! Then
things got really bad…dark, and when I didn’t think I had anyone, well Raf was there…

Me: Alright:) What is Rafael? His mad skills?:)

Angel: Um, I rather not say…he just is…:)

Me: Fair enough, thanks for the interview!

Angel: See, not so bad right? Even though, you threw in some tough questions!

Me: Lol, well, you’re a good sport! I guess will wrap this up…see you around Ame’ Academy:)

Angel: Yep, me and all the other creatures of the night!:) Lol!

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is a book lover, with YA paranormal adventures as her favorite genre, although she can be a glutton for any young adult title.

Michelle’s other love is writing, Michelle has been writing about as long as she has been a bibliophile! Losing herself in a fantasy world that she or others have created is how she loves spending her spare time...

One last thing about Michelle, she believes that she has her own secret powers:)

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