Friday, June 8, 2012

Review - Expecting by Lula Belle

Expecting by Lula Belle
Released: November 17, 2011
Publisher: Creative License Press
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 272 pages
Format: Kindle
Source: Author
Rating: 3/5
Author Site: Lula Belle
Sheila Martin has always known how to take care of herself and what she wants out of life. But with a hyper-religious, controlling mother and a browbeaten, emotionally distant father, Sheila’s desire to become an international pop star (just like Lady Gaga) is the exact opposite of what her parents want for her. One night, Sheila lies to her parents so she can go to a party where something terrible happens to her with consequences that will change her life—and theirs—forever.
OKay so I have struggled with an approach to review this book because I don't want to make it controversial politically or pro-choice ect... I am not a very political person so I will just go ahead and admit that all the pages and chatter fiction or not was simply boring to me in those regards and I did find myself skimming those parts but I do understand why some of them needed to be mentioned for the stories sake.

Now on to the rest of the story. Sheila gets raped at the party and is forced by her mother to go thru with the pregnancy because she is against abortion. Sheila is only 14 years old and now preggers with a rape baby as she calls it and miserable because she desperatley wants to have an abortion.

The story is told by Sheila sort of like thru a diary about her day to day progress and how she is feeling towards the rape baby, her mom, and later about other young pregnant girls and stuff.

Once I skimmed the political stuff the overall story was actually pretty good!


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