Friday, June 22, 2012

Guest Post/BF - Sleeping Roses by RaShelle Workman

Sophie married into a lie.
Sick of her dangerous marriage, Sophie leaves her husband, determined to start a new life.
But her husband isn't going to let her go that easily. If he can't have her, no one can.
It's hunter versus hunted.

Praise for Sleeping Roses:

"It's strange, mysterious, and down right cool! It made me wonder if this really happened." Jek Jamison

"A suspense/thriller where nothing is as it seems." Heartsong Reviews

"From the first page to the last I was captivated by Sophie's journey as told by Ms Workman. Well crafted twists and turns kept me completely enthralled and unwilling to put it down. I found myself empathizing with the characters I closely identified with and feeling compassion, as Sophie did, for those less likable. The author's ability to express the feelings and emotions of the characters transcended the words on the pages." D. Olson

If you think you know how it ends, hold on. You have no idea.

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Genre - Romantic Thriller
Rating - PG13 (Language, sensuality)
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********Guest Post by RaShelle-Workman********

A world without books ...

Would be like pain without joy, happiness without sorrow, love without hate. We need the bad to understand and recognize the good. A world without books (and by books I mean any kind, not just paper) would leave us unbalanced.

What do you think? Would you still feel balanced if you couldn't read a book?


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