Friday, April 13, 2012

Guest Post and Book Feature - Cora Parks

Reduce Your IRS Tax Penalties by Cora Parks
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How To Pay the IRS When You're Broke gives you various options to make payments to the IRS and the costs associated with them. Remember, if you do nothing, things will only get worse.

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Worth The Wait

As a blogger and author, my specialty is taxation. However, even though it is five days before “T” day, I don’t want to bore any of you with tales of taxes. Instead, I will try to talk about something that your readers might be interested in.
Has anyone found themselves at a profound crossroads in their life? Wishing they could go back to the past that seems more and more comforting that the harsh reality of the present. Knowing what you want to do with your life but haven’t a clue as to the steps to take on along the way to your next life?
Does life seem infinitely unbearable under the strain of your thoughts and massive inactivity? If so, welcome to the next of the best of your life.
For the last few years, I have worked as an employee of a large firm. My sense of identity had been formed as a result of being an employee. I am no longer with the firm. As a result, I feel discombobulated and out of sorts. I did not realize until now that everything, my sense of self, how I communicated with people, was tied up in my job. I know that it seems silly to define yourself in terms of a job but I have done just that. Ideally, I want to define myself by how many lives I touch or how many people I help.
I am currently a work in progress, starting over from square one. I don’t know today what the future holds for me, but I trust that it will be a future that’s worth the wait.

About Cora:
Cora Parks is a lifelong Atlantan whose vision is to bring proactive tax counsel and personal responsibility to the masses in the area of taxation. She has published seven books on taxation topics, including How To Pay The IRS When You Are Broke, Your IRS Refund, and Reduce Your IRS Tax Penalties.


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