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Book Review - Just Like Mother by Anne Heltzel

Just Like Mother

Just Like Mother by Anne Heltzel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 Synopsis: The last time Maeve saw her cousin was the night she escaped the cult they were raised in. For the past two decades, Maeve has worked hard to build a normal life in New York City, where she keeps everything—and everyone—at a safe distance.

When Andrea suddenly reappears, Maeve regains the only true friend she’s ever had. Soon she’s spending more time at Andrea’s remote Catskills estate than in her own cramped apartment. Maeve doesn’t even mind that her cousin’s wealthy work friends clearly disapprove of her single lifestyle. After all, Andrea has made her fortune in the fertility industry—baby fever comes with the territory.

The more Maeve immerses herself in Andrea’s world, the more disconnected she feels from her life back in the city; and the cousins’ increasing attachment triggers memories Maeve has fought hard to bury. But confronting the terrors of her childhood may be the only way for Maeve to transcend the nightmare still to come…

My Thoughts: Not what I was looking for when I went into it but still enjoyed it so much I gave it 5 stars! I thought it would have been more of a horror or scary type story but the only part that creeped me out was with those dolls. OMG them dolls were freaking something else. I wouldn't have one of them things in my house no way. Reminds me of the "Chuckie Dolls" to much. The actual cult itself "The Mother Collective" was also another disturbing thing as we find out their purpose and all.

I really despised Andrea the "cousin" but I had to keep reminding myself it was how she was raised and what beliefs were pounded into her that made her how she was and I would get easily irritated with our main character Maeve who was far more trusting and gullible than she should have been. I would be literally clenching my fists and hollering silently in my mind for her to wake up and smell the coffee or just smack her to see what was right in front of her!

Entertaining to the end as the pace kept up and always had something to tug you along to want to see what happened next. There probably should be a few trigger warnings though as there were a few scenes involving sexual assaults/rape.

Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Publishing for this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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