Monday, April 8, 2013

Review - The Underwear Dare by Nardini Sisters


Eddie’s the biggest, meanest bully in Miss Waverly’s fifth grade class and Josh is his favorite victim. So when Josh’s dad marries Eddie’s mom, things go from bad to worse. Escaping the bully is no longer possible now that they share a bedroom. When Josh’s dad announces that the attic will be turned into a bedroom, Josh is thrilled. But who will get the room?

My Review: This was really funny and so typical of young boys! I loved the way they made decisions but I would have always lost because they had far more guts than I ever would have! No way could I have done the dares they come up with! Although I basically knew way ahead how it was gonna play out I was happy with the ending and the surprise the boys got was neat and I can't wait to see in a later book how they cope with that as well.


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