Saturday, April 6, 2013

Giveaway and Cover Reveal for Hot Redemption by K.D. Penn

Today is an exciting day. D. T. Dyllin and I have  worked hard on our cyber punk erotic romance novel. 

We're so happy that Dragonfairy Press will be releasing it Summer 2013.

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Epic and his brothers don’t rob strip clubs for fun or fame, but to use the electric currency to take care of their family. With androids and robots flooding the job market, it’s almost impossible for humans to find work. Besides, stealing comes easy to the gang, until Phoenix steps into their lives, snatching away their bounty and fogging up Epic’s mind with her seductive scent.

Shots blare. A chase ensues. Both sides refuse to yield. And the small compromise that comes is 
brought by chains and a promise for a bigger hit--
on a planet far away from earth. 

Can Epic and Phoenix work together to rescue themselves from poverty? 

Or will they find another type of redemption one lathered in lust and warmth, pleasure, and the type of undemanding love that no human can live without?

About K. D. Penn

K.D. Penn is the pseudonym for the writing team of Kenya Wright and D.T. Dyllin.
D. T. Dyllin
Kenya Wright
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