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Review - Cerys du Lys - Princess Miri - Virtual Book Tour


Princess Miri is a bitch and the heir to the throne and she might have accidentally fallen in love with a monster.

It's common knowledge that everyone hates Miri, which is why it surprises her when her rival gives her a pet troll servant for her eighteenth birthday. Thump, as Miri names the husky monster, will do everything she asks. Or that's what she thinks.

When her demands lead to experimentation and sexual teasing, Miri realizes this isn't quite the case. One disobeyed order ends with a bang, literally, and her and Thump in an unclothed, carnal mess atop her now broken bed.

A troll coupling with a human? Disgusting!

She should be furious! Irate! And maybe she is, but she's curious, too...

She never thought she could open up to anyone before, always believed she needed to act harsh and stern in order to ascend to the throne. Unfortunately for Miri, while she discreetly explores her taboo sexuality with Thump, someone's plotting to exploit her shameful secret and ruin the Princess's reputation...

Alluring, erotic, and playful. This provocative story of a Princess and her troll will delight you, entice you, and keep you excited long after you're done.

This book is intended for mature audiences

Review: OH WOW! Loved it. I now want my own troll! The erotic scenes were hot while still presenting a flowing story and gosh how I could not stand that Fleur! Miri was supposed to be the bad girl or "Big B" to put it nicely but oh my gawd Fleur was three times worse than Miri! I wanted to smack her so bad with her jealous self and in the end I didn't even feel sorry for her but am anxious to see how her story goes from where it was left off!


Thump, tired from the exertion, collapsed on the floor next to her. His body thudded into the water,
sending up splashes.

"You stupid troll," she shouted at him. "What use are you? I do a nice thing for you, help you clean off,
and you just lay in the water when I need cleaning up? I could use some help here!"

Thump rolled over and stared at her, some glimmering sense of recognition in his eyes. He did that
when she gave him a command and he was about to follow through with it, but the command she'd
given this time, at least by her standards, was very vague.

Thump got to his knees and reached for her. With all the daintiness of a troll, he removed her dress,
which was to say he grabbed at the corset part and ripped it straight in half. He lifted her into the air by
her waist and peeled the dress from her body, the flimsy tatters of cloth falling to the ground. Now he
held her aloft in only her panties and a matching, black and white lacy bra.

"Excuse me," she said, glaring at him as he dangled her about. "What are you doing?"

Author Bio:

Cerys has charted on numerous best sellers and hot new release lists internationally with multiple books.

She lives in the Greater Boston area in a small town in New Hampshire. She spends her days writing, reading, learning, and working. And maybe sometimes she flirts with the mailman. Some of her most favorite activities involve understanding and learning about emotions and relationships.

She adores pondering sexuality and sensualness. Most of her writing delves into this in some way, exploring reactions and relationships between different people. While she enjoys writing erotica and erotic romance, her goal is to also keep a certain literary appeal to the writing instead of something purely pornographic. Every story she writes has a delightful plot along with the more devious and delicious scenes we all want to read.

She prefers romance settings, with the occasional monster or fairytale. Her secret kinks include reluctance, interesting paranormal creatures, romance(even with monsters), and fun. She loves writing about all of these things, though very strongly acknowledges that fantasies are fiction and nothing more.

Contact Info: Contact Info: Email | Website | Goodreads

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the book! I like the "Big B" mention you made. That made me laugh.

    I've got some fun ideas for the sequel, but I've got a few other projects I'm working on first. Fleur and Miri will definitely make a comeback sometime soon, though!

    Thanks so much for reviewing Princess Miri!

  2. I can already see some type of showdown between those two in the future. There will be no way around it! Can't wait!