Friday, April 19, 2013

Review - Infinity by Sedona Venez


Infinity discovers a dark secret from her past that rocks everything she knows to be true.

A troubled 22-year-old superstar singer, Infinity has a bad reputation for drugs and hard partying. Now, she is on the road to a comeback with her controversial tour. But everything about doing the concert feels wrong from missing employees, to anonymous threats about ruining her career. She is dealing with a powerful corporation that is determined to kill her and everyone she loves. She is also battling for control of her life and career from a relationship that crossed the fine line between love and obsession. Infinity knows too much, even though she doesn't realize it. Secrets have been kept and these secrets are powerful enough to destroy her and everyone she loves.

Now she must put her safety and trust in the hands of sexy, tattooed and delicious Torch Channing and Boulder Vigari, hired to keep her from getting killed. Boulder wants to make her his. He won't stop until he claims her. Torch struggles with his primal need to possess her and his hatred of everything she represents.

Infinity is determined to protect her heart while dealing with the pressure of pulling off another successful tour without spiraling into another mental meltdown.


Okay so I had to take a few days to gather my thoughts on the story and decided while it actually was a story that drove me crazy and I really really really disliked Infinity that it still actually had a decent plot. Infinity has got to be the most shallow self centered person I have ever read about and I really can't express enough how much I disliked her.

I feel like my dislike for her stems from knowing a person or two like her in "real life" and how they always tried to downplay everybody else by up-playing themselves and how no matter what goes wrong it's never "their" fault but somebody else's.

And OMG if I never ever hear the word "virgin" again it will be far to soon! That was another thing...I love my mom dearly and we are very close but the day I talk about actual sex or the lack thereof with her will be a cold day in Hades!

Author Bio:

Sedona Venez writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, and science fiction romance. She lives in the North East in the city that never sleeps. Sedona can be found online in all the usual haunts:

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