Friday, August 1, 2014

Jamberry Nails

I recently had the most fun day having a girly play day with my sister and our baby girl. We pretty much spent the whole day sitting around primping and munching out on some good food but the most fun part was when we all three did our nails.

I was sent a sampling of goodies from Jamberry Nails free for an honest review and we had a ball playing with them!

None of us had ever used nail wraps before so this was a totally new experience for us! Thank goodness there was a sheet of "practice" nails to work with because we sure needed the practice! LOL Once we sort of got the hang of doing a couple it got easier and more fun and in no time we had such pretty nails to display!

The only problem I had with my nails was that when I would rub the tips against my face or skin it would have a "scratchy" feeling but in no way do I blame this on the nails themself but in human error on our part because I don't think I may have filed them down enough. As I said this was our very first time using wraps so I think over all we did a nice job. I know for a FACT we had a great time using them!

Please check out their products HERE and have your own girly time or just indulge yourself because You Deserve It! They have this awesome deal going on where if you buy 3 you get one FREE! I also forgot to mention they have monthly subscription boxes so be sure to check into those!


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