Friday, September 7, 2012

Guest - RW Peake - Challenges You face

What are the challenges you face as a writer in your genre?
by RW Peake

My audience is pretty educated, and is very discerning. Ancient Rome has been "done" to death, for the last 2 centuries in particular, and those who enjoy this genre have a higher awareness of events and characters than I think a lot of readers do. For example, there are a lot of people who love Tom Clancy, but have very, very little knowledge of the military or the intelligence services. But that's not true for those who are fans of Ancient Rome.

Also, the specific period in which I write, the Late Republic, at least from the perspective of my characters, suffer from a real lack of source material. This is a blade that cuts both ways; it allows me to take some creative license, but it also means that I'm likely to be questioned about some of the conclusions that I draw. That's why I went to the lengths to research as much as I did, from dressing up in the full kit of a Roman Legionary, whereupon I went tromping all over Big Bend National Park, to stabbing a (thankfully already dead) pig with a Roman sword, to get a better idea of the specific facts involved in being a Legionary in Caesar's army.

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