Monday, June 22, 2020

Book Review - Take me With You by Tara Altebrando

Releases June 23, 2020

Synopsis: Eden, Eli, Marwan, and Ilanka barely know each other beyond having a class or two together. But when they are all summoned via messaging app to an empty classroom after school, they find a small cube sitting on a desk. Its sides light up with rules for them:

Do not tell anyone about the device. Never leave the device unattended.
And then, Take me with you . . . or else.

At first they think it's some kind of prank or a social experiment orchestrated by the school administration. Still, they follow its instructions until the newly-formed group starts to splinter. Nobody has time for these games--their lives are complicated enough. But the device seems increasingly invested in the private details of their lives. And disobeying its rules has scary--even life-threatening--consequences . . .

My Thoughts: I had such high hopes for Take Me With You but it fell way flat. I'm filled with disappointment because the story had such promise and was a very intriguing concept for a story but it just didn't deliver. The characters were okay but I wasn't really all that invested even in them enough to really care especially halfway into the book and nothing really was happening. I take that back the beginning was a bit creepy with the four kids getting called into the music room and the discovery and taking of the cube and when they began realizing how they had to follow the "cubes" set of rules but after that I just lost interest.

I don't know if the author just tried to jam to much into one book or what but I felt none of the things really tied together and that ending was plain rushed and interestingly a big disappointment.

*I was given a copy for an honest review.


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