Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Book Review - Dead Meat Day 4 by Nick Clausen

Dead Meat: Day 4 (Dead Meat, #4)Dead Meat: Day 4 by Nick Clausen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Day 4 of the zombie apocalypse

The story picks up from Day 3. We meet Dorte, a young doctor, who desperately tries to find a cure for her sister, who got scratches by one of the infected. It’s a race against time, and it’s only the beginning of another day in hell.
By Day 4, the infection begins to spread across nation borders, and it looks like none of the governments will be able to contain it. Is it too late to save the world?

My Thoughts: I know I say "this part" has been my favorite part about every day of this storyline but Holy Smokes they just keep getting better as the tension keeps building and the world keeps being taken over by the zombies!

There were so many jaw dropping head popping moments here I wanted to reach in and smack a few people! So many people could have been spared in this episode had they only used a bit more common sense and helped each other instead of every man for himself. I was so saddened by a few of the victims but not everybody can have a happy ending. That doctor and soldier towards the beginning should have know better!

I have said all along during this actual pandemic we have being facing in real life that I felt as though I had fallen asleep while reading a horror novel and somehow got sucked into the story and can't seem to wake up and a few parts here kinda felt familiar especially folks buying up all the toilet paper. In the story I'm like what they gonna do with all that toilet paper? Mummify the zombies? Well I'm just here to tell ya tha last thing that will be going thru my mind if a zombie gets after me is wiping my behind!

*I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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and be sure to take a look around at all his work. I don't think he's written anything I haven't enjoyed!

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  1. LOVE your review and I feel the same way. i just finished it and need to work on my review.
    sherry @ fundinmental