Friday, December 20, 2019

Book Review - Low Country Christmas by Lee Tobin McClain

Come home to Safe Haven, where the best Christmas surprises aren’t the ones under the tree.

Synopsis: Holly Gibson has one wish this Christmas season: to find her young niece’s father. And she’s traveled hundreds of miles to the small town of Safe Haven to make that wish come true. But the mysterious Cash O’Dwyer is nothing like she expected. Strong and kind, he makes her heart beat faster. And suddenly that little secret she’s keeping about her sister stirs up all kinds of guilt…

Cash is stunned—and more than a little wary—to discover he’s a father. Having a family of his own was never part of his plan…until sweet baby Penny and her fiercely independent aunt Holly arrive in town. Now he’s trimming trees and stuffing stockings for three. But when the ghosts of Cash’s past threaten the future of his fragile new family, he’ll do whatever it takes to be the father Penny needs—and the man Holly deserves—for more than just the holidays.

 My Thoughts:  Just look at that beautiful cover! This was a very fast read for me because I totally fell in love with the characters, the town, and just the whole story. It was one of the sweetest holiday reads. I admired Holly so much for her strength and taking her niece to raise on her own and then finding Cash and letting him know about his daughter.  That took alot of courage!

I fell in love with Cash immediately because even though he truly doubted Penny was his kid he wasn't mean about it and when he found out for sure he was indeed her father he tried to do his part for her and even more. There just isn't enough Cash O'Dwyer's in this world!


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USA Today bestselling author Lee Tobin McClain read Gone with the Wind in the third grade and has been an incurable romantic ever since. When she’s not writing small-town, heartwarming love stories with happy endings, she’s probably snapchatting with her college-student daughter, mediating battles between her goofy goldendoodle and her rescue cat, or teaching aspiring writers in Seton Hill University’s MFA program. She is probably not cleaning her house. For more about Lee, visit her website at


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