Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Audio-Book Review - Murder is a Debate by Brandy Nacole

Synopsis:  Nora and her two best friends, Liv and Nina, aren't like most people. Nora is the private school kid - the rich girl, though everyone hates her. Liv and Nina attend the run-down public school on the opposite side of town where the football team is a solid two and the art department was shut down due to funding. Their worlds should have never collided, but they had one common factor that brought them together: murder.

In an online mystery chat room, the three girls meet and decide to form the Murder Club. Each week, one of the girls must come up with a murder scenario for the other two to solve. It's fun. It's active. It's also deadly.

When one of Nora's classmates ends up dead, she's suspicious of her new friends. His death mirrors the very same scenario Nora came up with in their previous meeting. As clues emerge, pointing more definitively at the members of the Murder Club, Nora begins digging for her own clues, bringing fantasy to reality. Could Liv and Nina be involved, and if so, why?
They were all curious. Was one of them too curious?

My Thoughts: OMG This was so good! I've only just started listening to audio books and usually find them hard to get into but had no problems with this one. The narrator, Jennifer O'Donnel did a fantastic job with the different characters and really knocked that ending out of the park!

The actual story itself was also very interesting and unlike most mystery who dunnit's I had a very hard time figuring out the culprit here which made me enjoy it so much more. I really get bored fast if I can straightaway guess who did it.

I was totally engrossed with Nora's character. I felt like she had multiple lives so to speak because it seemed she had to be and behave a certain way at home with her family, then she had to be the "brainiac" at her school for the debate team group, and alas another way with her Murder Club friends. Kinda like folks who don't like for their food to touch on their plates she didn't want her "three worlds" to overlap or come together but then she did have good reason for feeling this way with somebody trying to frame her for murder.

If you love a good mystery grab this one up and sit back and enjoy the ride!

*I received this audio-book free in exchange for an honest review.

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