Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sewing a Friendship Tour by Natalie Tinti


Magic in Us is a sweet, hopeful, energetic story that creates a lively pace and makes reading aloud a pleasure. It's an
inspiration for children to learn and grow into well-rounded individuals, to realize the power of friendship, to learn aboutthe value of problem solving and discover hidden talents. It told by 10 years old Natalie Tinti who is not only a multi-awarded talented writer, she is also an amazing artist!

The Power of Imagination (book 1)

When a secret agent dog, Dogon, informed four best friends that Nina has a bad horrible scratch and she won’t be able to
play her musical instruments, they must quickly come and make her feel better. While deciding what to do next, there's a
veritable blizzard of ideas put forth, and the girls have to sift through them all to come up with a plan of action. Together they create a magical world full of adventures where every obstacle can be overcome with mutual support and joint creativity.

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Author Bio:

At age thirteen Natalie Tinti is a multi-award winning author, illustrator, of 12 children’s books and an inspirational public speaker who promotes varied uplifting messages for her peers as well as their parents. Despite this early success as an artist Natalie was recommended to repeat Kindergarten as her teacher thought she didn’t have adequate language function and memory recall. However, this apparent set back would later serve as a valuable growth experience in her social awareness and desire to help her classmates. Natalie’s books gave her a platform for speaking at various venues where she promoted the empowerment of children to include: the value of social skills for overall happiness and as a tool in dealing with bullies, appreciating one’s unique talents and personality to bolster self-confidence, and challenging children of all ages to build friendships by having the courage to include others.



Meeka’s World

Meeka began to create the next part of the group story. “Meekasoo, the frog lover, lived near the Kingdom of Frog Pond in the Green Hotel. While Ninaka was exploring her way toward the birthday party, Meekasoo found a three-eyed-rainbow-frog for Bellkoo’s birthday, to which she too was invited. Meekasoo thought to herself,

‘Who would not love this amphibian beauty? He is s-o-o-o-o cute, handsome, and adorable! Look at him, look at him! His eyes sparkle like Prince Charming's!’

As she started to reach for the frog, a very rare, black colored lily pad, right in the middle of the pond, caught her eye. ‘Look how beautiful this lily pad is! I would love to get some measurements of this Night Beauty before it closes up.

"Meekasoo grabbed her special bag full of scientific instruments that went everywhere with her. Inside her bag was a ruler, a stopwatch, a barometer, a thermometer, a calculator, a scale, a speedometer, and of course, her favorite frog pencil and red notebook. She planned to record her measurements in section 199.072 of her notebook: Lily Pad Observations."

"Sounds of ‘squish, squash, squish, squash’ echoed everywhere as Meekasoo waded toward her project. Time passed very quickly as the science loving girl gathered measurements for her red notebook with excitement. Then Meekasoo noticed a beautiful reflection of the full moon on the pond. The moon was already high up in the sky and shimmering very brightly. ‘Oh, no! I forgot about the birthday party.’ Meekasoo exclaimed! She began to sprint toward Bellkoo’s castle through the dark forest, using her homemade paperclip compass for navigating. When she reached the Hall of Lollipop
Singers, she realized that she had forgotten something. 'Bellkoo's gift! Oh well, I'll bring two gifts next year,’ sighed Meekasoo as she strolled toward the party excitedly."


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