Monday, May 13, 2013

Product Review - Snapea's by Harvest Snaps

The hubby and I was grocery shopping in Walmart over the weekend and in the produce aisle I ran across a display shelf for these Snapea's made by Harvest Snaps/Calbee and on a whim decided to give them a try. At the time I didn't realize there were 6 flavors to choose from....I just grabbed a bag which happened to be the Black Pepper flavor and oh my gosh they were SOOOO Good! And according to the package they are good for you as well!

They contain actual green beans and have no artificial colors or flavors and one serving is equal to 22 baked snapea crisps! Supposed to be a good source of fiber as well!

They are crispy like potato chips but have a really mild veggie taste to them. They are lightly salted and are actually supposed to be able to go on salads and such but heck I ate them straight from the bag just like I would a potato chip they were so yummy! I totally could not put them down! I just am so sick of regular chips and am happy to have found these and hope to try some of the other flavors next.

For more information: Snapea's by Harvest Snaps


  1. I've had these before and they are good! I think my WalMart only had the plain, I didn't realize you could get different flavors. I will definitely be trying to find the black pepper.

  2. LOL I wasn't even paying attention Andrea. I just grabbed a bag assuming they were all alike until I went online and saw there were 6 flavors! I was like WOW. I hope the others taste this good!