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Excerpt Tour/Giveaway - Turbulent Skies by Ronald A. Fabick

Turbulent Skies by Ronald A. Fabick  

GENRE: Action/Adventure Thriller  


BLURB: Flight 182 crashes in San Diego, everyone aboard is killed, including Reza Roshtti, who is on his way to present the final plans for a top secret project to his employer, California Robotics. Giti Roshtti appears on a newscast after the doomed flight, Jaffar Hamid Harraj is smitten with the bereaved widow who lives across the globe in the United States. 

 When Jack Coward, an ex-marine turned private investigator, is hired to find out everything he can about this beautiful woman, Jack sets in motion circumstances that bring Giti and Jaffar together. Unfortunately for Giti, Jaffar Harraj has a deep, dark secret. Jaffar is not only a senior member of the Islamic Hamas Movement, but a psychotic killer. 

Jaffar's aim is to use Giti's U.S. citizenship as a mechanism through which he can establish inroads into the United States, the Great Satan of the western world and land of the infidels. One of the missions of Islamic Hamas is to spread terror throughout the United States. 

The United States newest lettered agency, NATA or National Anti-Terrorist Agency has some new recruits, Jack Coward and his life-long friend Don Ziegler. They team up with other members of NATA, including ex-Air Force Lieutenant Michelle Hough, to try and discover the plans of Jaffar and the Islamic Hamas, and how Giti is involved in the two.  

Excerpt: Jack tried to crawl, but the pain forced him to stop immediately. Already blood oozed from the wound through the hastily applied bandage. It was becoming apparent that the loss of blood from Jack’s leg wound would very soon become critical. Donny knew he had to do something—fast. 

“Jack! We can’t stay here. There’s no cover. I can’t even begin to control the bleeding, and the corpsman is on the far side of the clearing. I’ve got to move you and it’s going to fucking hurt, okay? Just bear with me until I can get you somewhere safe and out of the way!” 

With that, Donny picked up Jack and put him over his shoulder with one arm while he picked up their rifles with the other. Jack cried out in pain despite his friend’s best efforts to avoid further injury. 

“Just a few yards more, Buddy,” Don coaxed. 

Soon Donny had himself and Jack safely behind the fallen log, where he tried to stem the flow of blood in relative safety. As he worked he began to chuckle. “I must be rubbing off on you Jack. You know, you used the word ‘fucking’ in no less than two sentences in a row.” 

“That’s because my fucking leg hurts.” Both men laughed. 

 In less than fifteen minutes, all resistance had been taken care of. The sporadic gunfire of the last few moments stopped as the last of the Viet Cong was either captured or killed. Jack was taken back to camp where a doctor repaired the wound in his leg, a wound for which he received the first of two Purple Hearts. For his actions of the day, Donny received a Silver Star. 

Later, the human cost was tallied. It was a miracle that only eight American servicemen had been killed, along with twenty-five injured. On the Viet Cong side of the ledger, fifty-two had been killed and ten injured. The remainder had fled into the bush, leaving their fallen comrades behind. That had been over thirteen years ago and both Donny and Jack had managed to put that part of their shared past behind them; had managed to lock the horror of war in the deep recesses of their minds, from which they rarely allowed it to emerge. 

Such was not the case for tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers suffering from the effects of past conflicts, among them Reza Roshtti. During their mostly-happy marriage, there were things he didn’t share with his wife that occasionally made him less than the ideal husband. There was affection he couldn’t give sometimes—and a glint in his eye once in a while that frightened her. But he tried. And she knew that. As best he could, he expressed love to his family and they loved him back. However, at night, when he was asleep and fighting the ghosts of his dreams, Giti knew he was not the man she had met as a star-struck teenager. Her heart ached for him.  


AUTHOR Bio and Links: Ronald Fabick was inspired to start writing when an author told him, "If you can read a book, you can write a book". Within two weeks he had the first chapter of Turbulent Skies written. Prior to becoming an author, Ron spent over thirty years as a Senior Structural draftsman. He uses this extensive engineering experience to add depth and reality to his stories. In his spare time, Ron enjoys crafting furniture in his workshop and tinkering on his vintage truck. Ron now resides on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. 

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