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Book Review - Gone Daddy Blues by Jane Tesh



Gone Daddy Blues by Jane Tesh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Synopsis:  Discouraged by a recent deadbeat dad case, PI David Randall wonders if he should close the detective agency he operates from his psychic friend Camden's boarding house at 302 Grace Street in Parkland, North Carolina. But Doreen Padgett, a scrappy teen, convinces him to find her useless father, Arliss. 

Arliss and Doreen's mother have divorced, and Doreen wants the man to pay what he owes her family. It's another deadbeat dad, but Randall agrees to take the case. 

Then policeman Jordan Finley comes to Grace Street with a blouse he wants Camden to touch. The blouse belongs to the victim of a suspected serial killer, a man with a bizarre fondness for blond hair. Camden has a serious reaction to the blouse, but can't see anything that will lead to the killer except a hatred for a woman named Margaret. 

Randall wants in on this case.Cam's wife Ellin is looking forward to her fifteen year high school reunion. Randall discovers Arliss Padgett was in her class and may attend the reunion, a good place to catch him. There is also a photo of a blond named Margaret and photos of boys who could fit the killer's description. When Cam has a reaction to a certain yearbook page, Randall knows he's on the right track. 

Of the two possibilities on the page, Bradley Wallace, former basketball star, seems most likely.Randall's girlfriend Kary, who loves going out in disguise, and her former school teacher mentor, Lottie, a slightly ditzy little woman who writes mystery novels, discover that Bradley Wallace was abandoned by his abusive mother and is dealing with rejection by stalking and killing women who ignore him, including Margaret Layton, the girl he lusted after in high school.Randall needs Cam's help, but Cam, always reluctant to use his psychic talent, has had an accident. 

While repairing the roof, he fell and lost his memory--or so it seems. Randall suspects Cam has convenient amnesia so he won't have to delve into the killer's mind. At the reunion, Arliss doesn't show, and Randall finds that Wallace has sent another man, Stuart King, in his place to find out more about Margaret. Randall doesn't know if Stuart is a harmless go-between or if he's part of Wallace's plan to kill Margaret. 

Where is Wallace hiding and how is he getting his information? Is there a connection to Arliss? Randall has to find the killer especially since he realizes that except for himself, everyone who lives at 302 Grace Street is blond.


My Thoughts: I jumped at the chance to read and review this story when I saw Jane Tesh was practically my neighbor and it was set in North Carolina!

One of the biggest things I enjoyed about Gone Daddy Blues was that even though it is not the first book in a series I didn't feel lost or even feel the need to have read the first books beforehand. I am usually very anal about reading a series in order but sometimes like this one it was taken out of my hands so I had to and alas had no problems.

We actually have two things going on, one is a teenage girl looking for her dead beat dad and enlists the help of PI David Randall and then a serial killer intrigued with blondes.

I flew thru this book in pretty much a single sitting because I can't say I found one dull moment! Fast paced and with such interesting characters it's a must read for any sleuth or mystery reader!

I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review!

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  1. i love reading books from my 'neighbors' and not being lost because it isn't the first book in a series. glad it was a good one and i too like a good mystery
    sherry @ fundinmental