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Book Tour/Giveaway - The Warrior's Progeny by Jeny Heckman

The Warrior's Progeny
by Jeny Heckman


GENRE: Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance



Colton Stone is a newly traded tight end whose reputation is as battered as his football helmet. When he receives a vacation invitation from his new teammates, he accepts. There he collides with Dr. Lillian Morgan, a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon, and doesn't know what to think.

A widow with two children, Lilly travels to Kauai to attend the wedding of a friend and witness the union she lost three years prior. When she meets Colt, she struggles between letting go of her perfect past for an uncertain future.

Strange events begin to occur, out of the realm of normal consciousness. Black energy touches their world and the couple become pawns of the immortal Greek gods. Is the love between them real, or part of a larger prophecy?



“You couldn’t have known,” Colt said.

“I’m a doctor,” she retorted. “I’m trained to know.”

“Oh, bullshit.” She drew her brows together and looked at him with irritation. Undaunted, he continued. “You were his wife, not his doctor.” Glancing back at the picture, he drank from his glass. “He was a young guy...looked fit...father of two.” Colt turned to look at her again. “Young, fit, fathers of two don’t get stage four pancreatic cancer and die in ten months. He wasn’t your patient, Lillian, and you weren’t looking at him like a patient. He was your husband, and he died.”

“Colt.” She took a breath, placed a hand on his, and backed up a little. “Look, I know you want something, but we’re broken here, and I can’t give you what you...”


“It’s not bullshit. It’s how I feel. I’ve got kids to think about and responsibilities. You want easy and I’m not that.”

“You don’t even know me, Lilly.”

“I know. That’s what I’ve been trying to say.”

“No, that’s what you’re trying to use as an excuse. Those kids aren’t damaged because of their dad, you are. Those kids have a mom who loves them and makes damn sure they aren’t damaged. You’re afraid to try, so you hide behind your dead husband.”

“How dare you be so callous?”

“How dare you use your husband to get out of trying again? You’re a beautiful, intelligent woman and your life isn’t over.”


From The Author:

Hi all! First, I’d like to say thank you so much for joining me today! I do know there are a lot of choices when it comes to time, and I’m so blessed you’re sharing some of those precious moments with me.

So, I don’t know about you but this whole staying home and not getting out in the fresh air is getting frustrating. Being from Washington state, we are one of the longer impactee’s regarding the Covid19 virus and all it’s horrible gifts. I decided to go online and see what other people are doing with their mandatory “down time.” I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you in my blog post today.

Learn a musical instrument: that’s right get out that old guitar, or dust off the piano that has all the laundry folded on it and learn to play.

I liked this one but text all your exes and get that last thing off your chest (I’m kidding, don’t do this, unless they were horrible and it makes your heart sing)

READ! Yes, that’s right, how many of you have piles of either paperbacks or “want to read” digital file. No one said you can’t go out onto your porch in the sunshine and get lost in a few hundred books. A good one is The Warrior’s Progeny by me, Jeny Heckman J

Play the “clean the house game.” I’m not kidding, when my kids were little that’s what I’d call it. I’d write down every room in the house and the kids would take turns picking a room out of a bowl, then we’d race to see who could get their room done first and best. As an adult, I’ve decided to do the same thing but with each room, do a deep spring clean and organization.

See how long you can go without watching the news. I guarantee you your life will be better for it. Instead, actually write a letter to the people you love the most and send it via the mail.

Have a weekly family/friend game night. Keep the groups small and take turns having a game and dinner night at each other’s homes. Get some actual interaction with other human souls.

Learn how to correctly meditate and get good at it. So, when this is all over and you are back to school, work, etc. you have a learned way of decompressing.

Do a life review. For a lot of people out there, they are out of work. Was what you were doing before blowing your skirt up? Were you content and good at your job. Maybe you’ve found something you’d like to do better.

Find five people, in your life by zoom, in person, by phone, etc. and make their life better. A smile, flowers, fist-pump, kind words. This time has been stressful on everyone. As someone that does a lot of work for charities, I promise you, life is better, happier and more exciting for you when you get out of your own head, irritation and discomfort and brighten up someone else’s day. It makes you feel phenomenal! If you want to do even more, all the better!

I could go on and on, but one thing I’ve learned from this pandemic is people are meant to live. To be joyous and not have this horrible heaviness like an anchor around their neck. One day the virus will go away, and we will eventually return to life. In the meantime, find something that feeds your soul and stuff it full. A friend just said to me the other day, “Life’s too short to drink bad wine.” I like the idea of applying that to everything.

Thank you so much for joining me today. A big thank you to Gimme the Scoop Reviews, for hosting me! I hope you run out and grab my new book, the Warrior’s Progeny and if you want to hang out, join in the fun by subscribing to my newsletter at

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Award-winning author, Jeny Heckman, was born in Bellingham, Washington, and was the youngest of two daughters. She met her husband, Jeff, in August 1992, and eloped three months later, at Magen’s Bay, on St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.

She wrote her first book, the Catch, in a few short months but took several years before she gained the courage to self-publish it at her son’s urging, and her love for writing began.
In 2018, Jeny knew her next project would be a series that showed adults could have adventures in the paranormal-fantasy genre too. So, she created the Heaven & Earth series, a story of doomed Greek gods and their only salvation, their modern-day descendants. Her first book of the series, the Sea Archer, was immediately picked up by the New York publishing house, the Wild Rose Press, and won, “Best in Category” from the 2018 Chanticleer International Book Awards.

In the year 2020, Jeny released, Dancing Through Tears, a short story from the anthology, Australia Burns: Volume Two, highlighting the Route 91 massacre from the perspective of one family at the concert, and at Mandalay Bay. She also intends to release, the Warrior’s Progeny, and Dee’s Cornucopia, in 2020, continuing the Heaven & Earth Series.
Jeny lives in Washington State with her husband of over twenty-eight years.

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  3. Where does the author get the ideas for their stories.

    1. I loved Greek mythology in middle school and high school, and thought it would be an interesting and different world to tackle! What's your favorite genre?

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