Thursday, July 30, 2020

Book Tour/Giveaway - Our Friendship Matters by Kimberley B Jones

Our Friendship Matters
by Kimberley B. Jones


GENRE: Young Adult



Leah and Sasha are 17-year-old friends who had been close to one another since elementary school, but as the summer approaches they find their friendship tested in ways they never anticipated.

Following graduation, Sasha’s privileged life and perception of the world around her is suddenly altered when an old childhood friend persuades her to join in a campaign against an injustice after his best friend is killed by a cop.

But joining the protest has unforeseen consequences for Sasha, distancing her from Leah, who becomes jealous of Sasha’s new friends and finds herself on the opposing side, protesting alongside her group of new white friends.

As the tension mounts between the two bitterly opposed factions, a tragedy strikes and threatens to make Sasha and Leah enemies. Can they find a way to resolve their differences, putting them to the side and learn to accept each other’s viewpoints? Or is their long friendship finished for good?



Going home wasn’t an option, and Ricardo had been making this so easy for me. I missed his friendship so much. We laughed and talked about things I liked to talk about, and so much more. Yes, we flirted, but we didn’t overstep any boundaries. Leo and I were no more, so technically I wasn’t cheating on anyone.

“I apologize for running out of the meeting the other day, but it was too much information for me to process. I went on a scavenger hunt on the Internet to find out more of what happened to Mitchell.”

“This really has your attention.”

“Yeah, at Chester the kids are different. Either the kids have cars or we aren’t allowed to walk home for safety reasons. But literally almost everyone has their own car.”

“Why did you stop coming over to play when we were kids?”

I hesitated; when me and Leah became friends, I made her my focus.

“I guess things changed for me, but I do miss our friendship. We grew apart because of the different schools we attended.”

I missed out on so much throughout the years. I threw our friendship away, but fate brought us together again.

“I should be headed home because it’s almost time for dinner, so I’ll see you later.”

“Why don’t you take my number, just in case you want to call me some time,” he said.


I walked home, dragging my legs from Ricardo’s house. I couldn’t get my mind off of him.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kimberley is a professional early childhood educator. She was born in the small town of Saint George, South Carolina, on September 12, 1982. Graduated from Woodland High School in 2000, Benedict College in 2004 with B.S., Child & Family Development, and from Ashford University in 2013 with a Masters in Early Childhood Education.

After receiving her education and being a military spouse, she held several jobs as a preschool teacher and a preschool director, but she wanted to her education to use by writing children’s books. She wrote her first book in college for her children’s literature course. She has self-published several children books on Amazon.

Currently, she is branching off into writing fiction YA, NA, and A novels on issues in society. She loves writing and would not change it for nothing in this world She is now published by Rhetoric Askew. Kimberley is the author of Our Friendship Matters.


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