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Book Reviews - Simba Books by Derek Goneke

I read and reviewed the first book in the Simba series last month and will link that post HERE and following are the next three books of the series which the author so kindly provided me for an honest review as well as his wonderful guest post explaining the Inspiration behind the Simba series.

This has been a wonderful series so far and I have enjoyed every book and I understand there are even more to come so I encourage you to go check them out for yourself and read about Simba and his adventures! Check out and Purchase your copies of the Simba Series and other great books by Derek Goneke HERE

Simba takes on the giants from the East (Book 2)

Synopsis: A flourishing village,
An Invasion of the Giants
A Missing Sister,
And a Little Boy to Battle Them All,
Meet Simba, a callow boy whose village is raided by Giants. The flourishing village never stood a chance against the Giants. While the Giants captured the land, and they took the goods, they also took away Simba’s sister. Hidden high in the mountains, will Simba be able to find the Giants? Will he be able to defeat the Giants with his weak powers? What happens when Simba has a face-off with the giants?
Read between the covers of “Simba the Fireboy”, and walk along Simba on his adventures against the Giants, in hopes to save his village and his sister.

My Thoughts: Another great story from Simba! The village has had three years of peace when The Giants of the East barge in and take Simba's sister and the land over  while Simba is having a few problems of his own. Somebody Simba has put his trust into has tried to steal his powers for evil gain. I really wanted to smack that person but well karma beats me to it! I love how Simba takes on the Giants!

Simba and the treasure of Ocal (Book 3)

Synopsis: A young boy
A world of Super-naturals
A hidden treasure
And a devious plan
Meet Simba, a young boy who left his town one year ago. No one wanted him to leave but he had no choice but to protect his powers from the evil. While Simba is still figuring out his life in the new lands, a companion cat joins along his adventure, but the evil always has an eye on Simba for he can help them get the hidden treasure. Will Ade be aware of the lurking shadows? What does Simba know, for his life to be at risk? And is the cat really just a companion?
Read between the covers of “Simba and the Treasure of Calin”, and walk along Ade on a surreal adventure
My Thoughts:  I loved the introduction of the cat! Quite a mysterious creature and addition! Simba is away at school now trying to learn things to bring back to his village so they may better prosper and also to try to get away and "protect" them and his powers for a bit by putting some distance between them but he soon finds out that when you have such powers no matter where you are trouble is gonna come and find you! Nice cliffhanger at the end! I cant wait to hop into the next story and see what is going on!

  Simba, the last mind-bender (Book 4)

Synopsis: An unknown timeline,
A majestic Village,
A threat upon the world,
And probably Simba’s last battle,
Simba, our young Fireboy, had traveled across time planes with Lily to get the treasure of Calin and to save the world from the hands of Quinn. In a battle against Quinn and his boys, Simba was knocked out and Lily had to leave him behind. Lily took the treasure with her to keep it out of Quinn’s reach, but he is after her. How will Simba come back to his timeline? How long can Lily hide from Quinn? And will Simba be able to beat Quinn, or will it be his last battle?
Read between the covers of “The Last Mind Bender”, and walk along Simba in a timeless battle.

My Thoughts:  The action begins right from page one as we rejoin Simba as he wakes up. I loved all the time travels and prophesies told in this part of the story. I wonder what it would really feel like to be a mind bender and if it is even a super power I would want? I would think it would come with great responsibility for sure. I have enjoyed reading the series up to this point and understand there are more to come and I am excited for that! Simba is such a wonderful character that I have come to respect and enjoy learning from. These stories are great for all ages!

From the Author, Derek Goneke

The Inspiration Behind Simba The Fireboy

I was inspired to write this series for a number of reasons. I felt this was a saga that had to be written. If you take a closer look at the international scene, there aren't many stories about African superheroes. Sure, there are Anansi Stories that have been brought to greater attention by Neil Gaiman and others; there’s been the internationally successful release of the Black Panther film based on the comics. Yes, we have Spiderman, Superman, The Flash and others, but all too few of these characters is a superhero of African descent.

Simba the Fireboy provides children all over the world especially African, African American, those of color and all children with a superhero they can relate to. Simba gets his voice from his village. The village is a very important historical unit for many Africans. He is in love with his birthplace, and he would do anything to protect it. Simba also gets his voice from the spirit of justice that is at work within him and reinforced by his grandmother. Wherever he finds himself, he must listen to that spirit to do the right thing.

Simba is a very interesting character. Even with all the amazing powers, he still remains humble. This is a trait that most people are lacking today. Perhaps, reading this story will show the world how beautiful humility is.

Simba's story is an intriguing one. It is a mix of science fiction, fantasy, African culture and tradition and as he grows and explores the world and discovers the range of his powers and

Watch for more features about Simba and other characters that will portray superheroes of the African descent.


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