Thursday, May 29, 2014

The 100

I have been loving the first season of The 100 on The CW Channel! For those not familiar it is about a nuclear war that ended most life as we know it on Earth and now some 100 years later a group of 100 juvenile delinquents who has been living on a ship (The Ark) with their families and friends are forced to to be sent to Earth to see if it is safe to live on again because The Ark's food and air supply is steadily dwindling.

They have to set up their own little civilization and find food and water and other necessaties but obviously things are not that simple! There is chaos among them and then they find out that Earth life has not been wiped out and there are "grounders" who actually were able to survive after the war but they are not able to co-exist as of yet so it's keeping it real as they dish it out in some form each week.

For more information and to get caught up on episodes visit the official website HERE

I am totally Team Finn/Clark. Does anybody else watch/like this show? Who is your favorite character?


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