Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review - Cupcake Cousins by Kate Hannigan

Synopsis: Baking a fluffy pink cupcake is awesome, but wearing a dress that looks like one? No, thank you!

Cousins Willow and Delia can't wait to spend a week vacationing together with their families. Their aunt is getting married, and Willow and Delia are hoping their tasty baked goods will be enough to get them out of being flower girls in the wedding.

Review: This is a cute story about two girls who try their absolute best to get out of being flower girls for their aunt's upcoming wedding. They feel they are too old to be flower girls and want to be a bigger part of the wedding like maybe the chefs! LOL

It's a hilarious story because the harder the girls try to prove how they should be able to cook for the wedding instead of being flower girls the more messes they get into!

Really cute and has some awesome recipes included!


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