Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review - What We Saw by Ryan Casey

What We Saw tells the story of a young boy, Liam O'Donnell, his cousin, Adam, and their experiences at their grandparents' caravan site one summer. When the disappearance of their dog leads to a terrifying discovery deep in the nearby woods, Liam and Adam are plunged into a very adult world of morals and decisions.

Adam and Liam are cousins spending the summer with their grandparents and also individually going thru personal issues in their home life. Their grands live in an RV park and the boys being so young and adventurous get off to themselves a good bit and build a play den that becomes their private getaway and later a place to meet and solve mysteries that begin popping up around the park.

It started out a bit slow for me but after I dug my heels in the tale began to unravel rather quickly especially when they saw to their horror something happen in the woods and as much as I wanted to see what happened I hated for it to end! It took me back to my own youth as I remembered reading Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys and building "play houses" in the woods and having amazing adventures of my own but thank Gosh I never encountered what they did!

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Genre – Mystery / Coming of Age

Rating – PG15

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