Saturday, March 23, 2013

Review - Dead Hunger: The Flex Sheridan Chronicle by Eric A. Shelman

An epidemic that's turning humans into zombie-like creatures has swept over the eastern United States and quite possibly the world, and Flex Sheridan doesn't like it one bit. In an effort to save his younger sister, Flex re-connects with perhaps the strongest woman he knows - Gem Cardoza, his former girlfriend. Together they take his six-year-old niece Trina, the only uninfected survivor of his sister's famiy, and his infected sister Jamie, and make a run from central Florida back to his isolated home in Lula, Georgia.

I liked it alot but it really was just your average zombie apocolypse story. Nothing really new was brought to the table except for these zombies are thought to have some sort of awareness like they actually can think because of the way some of them acted but I can't really explain it further without spilling to much... I feel like the second book will be more entertaining as this first one mostly just sets the stage and puts the players on the field so to speak. I really liked the fact that the women in this story were just as tough as the men and NOT standing on the sidelines squeeling Save Me! Save Me!

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  1. Thanks, Jennifer! Hope you like the next three. I'll be onto book five soon.