Saturday, October 13, 2012

Guest Post - Elizabeth Nelson

Katherine (“Kat”) thought she had the perfect marriage to International Lawyer Steven Flynn. Until he tried to kill her.

Katherine was the perfect obedient wife. She would do anything for her husband. That is, until she discovers he’s the ring leader of a human trafficking organization. The action is fast and furious, the dialogue smart and the sex scenes hot. Meet Katherine in Curiosity Killed The Kat as she goes farther and farther down the rabbit hole of political intrigue, sex, and revenge. Will she let herself be saved by love or will curiosity and a thirst for killer justice kill the Kat?

Fame or Fortune, Which Would You Prefer? by Elizabeth Nelson

Unfortunately in the entertainment world it is very difficult to separate the two. But I prefer fortune over fame. I’d rather be the Unknown Soldier who delivers spectacular entertainment for my fans. I don’t need fame. At all.

I was raised by modest parents. I often look back on my roots to guide my decisions leading me forward and consistently seek my mother’s advice. Both of my parents made me the comfortable, confident woman that I am today. I don’t need publicity to reaffirm what my parents have already done.

On the other hand I live in L.A. the city where some say dreams are made. There are many people here that aspire day in and night for fame and they would do nearly anything in order to obtain it. It’s funny to me. People are more focused on the latest Hollywood hookups and breakups then they are with food crises in East Africa or women’s rights issues here in America and abroad.

Let’s say I can’t avoid fame. I would do my best to use it to make a difference. I really admire celebrities such as Bono and Angelina Jolie who have been able to use their fame for bringing such wordly issues that need to be addressed to the general public. If someday I reach fame of their caliber I hope to be able to look towards them for advice and use the fame for a greater purpose rather than trying to keep up with the latest, hottest trends.

On the other hand I love fashion. Shoes, clothes, jewelry, everything about being a woman. Just take a look at my Pinterest page ( I also love, love, love to travel. My interests aren’t cheap. So to choose between fame or fortune it would always be fortune. If I could have three wishes it would be to it would be to have financial independence, health and longevity to all my friends and family. Simple.

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Rating – R

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