Monday, October 17, 2011

Review - Blood Vines by Erica Spindler

•Pub. Date: March 2010
•Publisher: St. Martin's Press
•Format: Hardcover , 338pp
•Sales Rank: 648,227
•ISBN-13: 9780312363925
•ISBN: 0312363923
Author Site: Erica Spindler

A sinister, hooded figure…When Alexandra Clarkson starts having terrifying visions filled with blood and ceremonial images, she tries to find a rational explanation – maybe her mind is playing tricks on her, resurrecting creepy tableaux from her research on religious ceremonies and sects. But when Alex’s mother, Patsy, commits suicide without leaving behind any information, Alex is left wondering: could she be haunted by something from the childhood she doesn’t remember? Naked, writhing bodies…Detective Daniel Reed was the last person to speak to Patsy. What he reveals to Alex is shocking. Twenty-five years earlier, Patsy was married to Harlan Sommer, one of Sonoma County’s most prominent vintners, when their infant son disappeared without a trace. The loss destroyed the Sommers’ marriage, causing Patsy to leave and take Alex with her. A dead child…Called on to investigate the identity of a baby’s remains unearthed in a Sonoma vineyard, Reed had picked up a trail that led him to Patsy in San Francisco. Now Reed and Alex both wonder if the cold bones could be her baby brother Dylan, and Alex decides to accompany Reed back to Sonoma for the investigation. No sooner does she arrive, however, than she is drawn deep into the search for a twisted killer…

Blood runs deep in these vines,lots of twists and turns. Quite shocking had me guessing to the very end. Once I started reading I couldnt put this one down. I was so into Blood Vines that I forgot all about the time, I was almost late picking my kids up from school. Ooopps...So I highly recomend this book to anyone. Well not to the kiddies of course.LOL...It's a shelf keep for sure. I do belive it has a bit of everything that you would like, thriller, romance,and most defentaly lots of mystery,even had me in tears on some parts...

I dont know what Sonoma County puts in they wine but I sure dont want any of it. If Alex knew what was good for her she would have stayed in San Francisco, but who can blame her for wanting to find the root of her troubles.


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