Sunday, October 16, 2011

Euterpe---An Imprint for YA Lovers in all Genres

Musa Publishing Launches Euterpe YA Imprint
An Imprint for YA Lovers in all Genres

Musa Publishing is thrilled to announce that its Young Adult Imprint, Euterpe, launches on Friday, October 21, 2011. With the growing demand for YA books, Musa is looking forward to offering diversity in genres for YA lovers from 13 to 113. From Sweet Romances and fantastical fantasies, to Sensational Sci-fi and a few more thrown in for flavor, Musa will offer something for everyone’s reading pleasure.

Come out for the launch, read about the authors, and join in the fun while picking up some new reading material.

The Blacksmith’s Daughter by Arley Cole is the first book in the Euterpe imprint.

She believes she is only a blacksmith’s daughter, but he must discover the truth or risk losing his land—and his life.

Acwellen Lex'Magen rules as liege lord of a small country bounded by forbidding mountains and powerful neighbors. When the neighboring baron, allied with a powerful wizard, attempts to take over his land, first by political, then by covert means, Acwellen finds an ally of his own in Enith Roweson, an unassuming blacksmith who possesses powers he’s only known of in legends. As he attempts to unravel both the plots against him—including the nature of the monsters sent to assassinate him—and the mysterious powers Enith is only beginning to understand she has, he also finds himself falling in love with the blacksmith’s daughter.

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  1. Thank you for helping to Support Musa Publishing we appreciate it.

  2. I love YA books. Looking forward to Euterpe's launch. Congratulations Musa Publishing.

  3. Congratulations to Arley and to Musa. The book sounds fantastic.

  4. Thank you ladies for dropping by! I'm really excited about Euterpe's Launch. Who can get enough YA? lol -- Love it!

  5. Thanks for all the support around here! I'm so excited about our launch Friday I can hardly sit still. Our first book is AMAZING--The Blacksmith's Daughter--and we're also launching our quarterly writing contests and workshops!

    I also want to mention, we have the most supportive writing community I've ever been part of. Our authors are there for each other, and with that kind of love, everyone benefits.

    Kathy Teel
    Head Editor
    Euterpe YA Books
    Musa Publishing