Friday, August 26, 2011

Follow Me Friday (1)

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This weeks question:

Q. In books like the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series the paranormal creature in question "comes out of the closet" and makes itself known to the world. Which mythical creature do you wish would come out of the closet, for real?

A. Really tough question because I say unleash them all but if just one... Werewolves! I am an animal lover ya know? lol What would your answer be?


  1. mine would not be werewolves! i'm too much of a puss!

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  2. It depends upon whether they are nice werewolves :)

  3. Werewolves all the way!!! New follower here! Have a Happy Follow Friday!

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  4. But would you want to be the werewolf or just be surrounded by them (I am inferring that these are nonviolent werewolves....)?

    PS: I'm a new follower! Please don't be frightened and frivolously check out my Follow Me Friday post . Thanks and farewell!

  5. Werewolves, scary but in the PNR wolrd hot as hell. ;)

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  6. Any kind of werewolf or all of them? Because I'm all for the 'in control' kind, but not so much for the Remus Lupin kind where you just go off all crazy... :D

  7. Thanks for stopping by all! OK yes all my were's would be nice and hot as all heck. No scary wolves for me. lol

  8. Thank you for stopping by and for the follow (I returned it.) I guess I can get used to warewolves if Jacob Black is included!

  9. haha, weres are some big I do love them. I was team Jacob all the way. Of course I chose Vampires, but hopefully we can all get along :-)

    thanks for stopping by my blog! For some reason blogger put you into spam - go tell your wolves to get

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  10. Werewolves are really big animals lol. They are pretty cool though, I've always preferred them over vamps.

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  11. Werewolves are awesome. I mean what's not to love LOL :P

    Great post, new follower:D

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  12. I'm an animal lover too, but shifters have always been my least favorite. Kind of ironic, huh?

  13. In the words of MacKayla Lane (paraphrasing here) "Who wants to get it on with a man in touch with his inner beast! Gross!" Okay, I'm not sure if that's the exact quote. But I totally disagree with her. I like werewolves too, just as long as they don't make kibble out of me.

    New Follower and Happy FF Friday!

  14. Hopping through. New follower! I like werewolves long as they're not too vicious though. It'd be cool to have a little girl who was a were-poodle :-) A child and a dog.
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