Product and Reading Review Policy

Jennifer's Product and Reading Review Policy

I Love testing out new products and I will review those here on the blog as well as on when possible or the company website if asked. I have a wide array of hobbies so am interested in trying most any kind of product. (Beauty, Cooking and Photography Products especially interests me)

I review/test the products free of charge for an honest review. However, I do expect to be able to keep any product I testand I will not pay for the item in exchange for a refund!

With that being said if you have a product you'd like me to review drop me an email at

Books For Review

Genre's I Read: (In no particular order)

Graphic Novels/Comics/Manga
Paranormal Romance
Contemporary Romance
Chick Lit
Urban Fantasy
Middle Grade
Young Adult
New Adult
Erotica Romance

****Non-Fiction I love craft, photography, and scrap booking books.

I Prefer Physical Book Review Copies - email for my address
I will accept ARCs via Print or Mobi format. (PDF's are okay)
I do accept Self Published and Indie Books.
Books I have solicited and am doing tours for will receive priority.
Your book MUST BE listed on Goodreads for me to consider it. (This only takes a few moments)

I post all of my reviews on Goodreads, and my blog, and usually Amazon. Any synopsis or book description I add to my review either comes from the author or Goodreads or Amazon. I DO NOT and WILL NOT ever receive payment for my reviews! They are my own thoughts and honest opinion. I noted above that I do read adult and some erotic titles but I still try to keep my blog as family friendly as possible so if they have flashy covers I either wont review them on my blog but instead will review them on Goodreads or either I will not post a cover for the book.

When you email me with a book/product review request please address me as Jennifer or Gimme The Scoop. You would not believe some of the requests I have gotten in the past that just open with Hey You or Hey Blogger and I feel it's just not very respectful. You would want folks to address you by your name so you should do the same. This has become one of my number one pet peeves and I usually trash the email right away.

I ask that you please keep in mind this is Not my job. I read for pleasure and have an active life going on outside of reading and reviewing. I try to read and do reviews in a timely manner but sometimes even with the best of intentions it's a struggle and things get backed up.

When contacting me with a review request please include as much of the following as possible.

Title and Author
Cover and Synopsis
Page Count
Goodreads Link ---- (A Must)
Special Date You Need a Review By

Feel free to go ahead and attach your book if you like but this is not a guarantee for it to be read or reviewed.

I don't have the time nor patience to address every single email request I get so if you haven't heard back in at least a week or so then chances are your book didn't meet my criteria or fall into a genre I am interested in or simply I just don't have the time to take it on at the moment. Also just to be honest, even if your book has been accepted to be read, I cannot guarantee it will be reviewed because if after reading some of the story it isn't appealing to me I reserve the option to opt out of reading and reviewing it. I would rather do that than give it a DNF.

If after reading this policy you feel I would enjoy your book and it meets my requirements then please email me with the above requested items at

This is the only way I will accept a review request! Do not send me requests thru Goodreads! I will delete them and not reply to those.