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Book Review - Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano

Hello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Synopsis: From the New York Times bestselling author of Dear Edward comes an emotionally layered and engrossing story of a family that asks: Can love make a broken person whole?

William Waters grew up in a house silenced by tragedy, where his parents could hardly bear to look at him, much less love him. So it’s a relief when his skill on the basketball court earns him a scholarship to college, far away from his childhood home. He soon meets Julia Padavano, a spirited and ambitious young woman who surprises William with her appreciation of his quiet steadiness. With Julia comes her family; she is inseparable from her three younger sisters: Sylvie, the dreamer, is happiest with her nose in a book and imagines a future different from the expected path of wife and mother; Cecelia, the family’s artist; and Emeline, who patiently takes care of all of them. Happily, the Padavanos fold Julia’s new boyfriend into their loving, chaotic household.

But then darkness from William’s past surfaces, jeopardizing not only Julia’s carefully orchestrated plans for their future, but the sisters’ unshakeable loyalty to one another. The result is a catastrophic family rift that changes their lives for generations. Will the loyalty that once rooted them be strong enough to draw them back together when it matters most?

Vibrating with tenderness, Hello Beautiful is a gorgeous, profoundly moving portrait of what’s possible when we choose to love someone not in spite of who they are, but because of it.

My Thoughts: This was a very emotional story. I was sad and angry so much while reading it. I held a deep anger towards William's parents for basically denying him the love, comfort, and joy he so desperately deserved. I understand they were hurting but they still had an obligation to him and because of what they lacked in giving him he grew up alone and unloved and it caused so many mental issues for him.

He finally found his love in basketball and met Julia whom I developed a strong disliking to very quick because she always had to have things her way with him with her family/sisters. She was just a bossy person and drove me nuts.

It's not a book for everybody and not everybody will enjoy it. I myself had to read it between other books because I couldn't bear the emotions or sports talk for long periods but I still am happy that I read it and think it was beautifully written.

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